Extreme Lip Balm SPF50+

The ultimate in high level protection from the drying effects of sun wind and cold, get extreme now!

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Medicated & Menthol


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The name on everyone's lips Here at Lipmate, we know that healthy lips are the key to a happy smile. And as the song tells us - you're never fully dressed without a smile! Whether you're in the meeting room or on the mountainside, sunbathing, snorkelling or snowboarding, your lips can stay smooth and moisturised thanks to Lipmate.
Lipmate Winter Range

Protecting and perfecting your smile

All-important SPF 15 protection is included in 4 flavours to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun's damaging effects, helping to bring out the natural beauty of your smile.

Our collection of lip balms have been designed to offer protection in all extremes; whether the atmosphere is hot or cold, wet or dry - these balms will make sure your lips stay happy and healthy, retaining their natural flexibility without becoming chapped. This means you can kiss, smile, whistle, whisper and sing to your heart's content!

A little goes a long way

Application, twice daily, will provide an occlusive layer on the lips' surface to seal in moisture and protect from external exposures.

With 5 flavours including Original, Menthol, Strawberry, Medicated and Sensitive you'll always have plenty of flavour on your lips.

The outstanding performance of our lip balms has ensured that Lipmate is fast becoming the name on everyone's lips.